We are Your Opinion.

»I think that...«

Who is thinking what and why? This is what Norstat is concentrating on. Throughout Europe, Norstat combines market and social research with predetermined target groups to collect data with specially programmed questionaires. Kreation / Display / SEA / BI


I volunteer!

Every one has an opinion and every opinion counts. And to be honest people will let you know their opinion, whether you asked for it or not. For Norstat however, the problem was to find the right target groups and their opinions, because how can you build statistics if nobody is giving an answer?


Find opinion leaders with gamification

After netzeffekt’s detailed analysis, it became clear that every marketing channel needs to have a unique message to have an impact. Users coming through Affiliate or SEA activities already have prior knowledge. Users coming through Facebook might not. Our objective was to create fitting landingpages and appealing Facebook creatives, tailor-made for the target group. Through provocative and humorous questions the user was introduced to opinion polling and surveys, which lead to registrations on the conversion-optimized landingages.


Spontanious inquiries

  • Long-term generation of target group clusters
  • CPL halved
  • Reduction of abrasion of creatives through quick adaptions for new survey-campaigns

To work with netzeffekt is always a joy. Right at the first meeting our contact persons were brim-full with creative ideas. The collaboration showed the creative potential and the know-how in performance marketing and data analytics.

Lena Pelikan, Panel Manager