Affiliate Marketing

The network of possibilities.

What sells better than one website? Two websites. Or even more!
With affiliate marketing your brand communication, products, and services can perform on several stages at once, on the websites of the most relevant co-operation partners.

netzeffekt has those partners. A wide variety of trusted associates that work closely with our specialists from our tracking to creative departments. Most important for us: communication. As we believe the best results are obtained when information is evenly distributed and readily available.

Affiliate marketing with netzeffekt means developing ideas together, and through co-operation turn opportunities into profit.

I’m Jan Peters. Head of Affiliate Marketing. Say Hi!

» Most important for us: communication. As we believe the best results are obtained when information is evenly distributed and readily available. «

In Detail.

In our capacity as an affiliate marketing agency, we regard ourselves as the interface between advertiser and publisher. Due to our close contact and the ongoing canvassing of publishers we are able to provide advertisers with access to highly efficient cooperation partners. In managing our partner programs, we set great store by a cooperative relationship and personal contact both with our advertisers and our top publishers. Thanks to the close exchange in each direction gave rise to tailor-made strategies and solutions. Furthermore, the interaction with ‘netzeffekt‘ facilitates further fields of competence such as creativity, data & tracking, conversion optimization, SEA, programmatic advertising and SEO, the development of individual and creative problem-solving approaches for advertisers and publishers beyond the classic affiliate marketing. This way, we build long lasting, highly productive co-operations that benefit all concerned.

In FinanceQuality we offer customers from the finance and insurance sector a sector-specific affiliate network.

Our team of experienced Affiliate Managers ensures comprehensive support for our advertisers and publishers as well as developing innovative and creative solutions. We have quality certifications from BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. is the organization that represents the interests of companies that operate digital business models or whose value creation is based on the use of digital technologies) as well as the affiliate networks Zanox, Affilinet and Tradedoubler. Further developments and modifications of our in-house affiliate software as well as special solutions in the tracking field in close cooperation with our netzeffekt development team.

Our effective spectrum.

Affiliate Marketing Audit

Besides the active and operational management of affiliate programs we also consult. If you already run an affiliate program and want to improve the activities, just ask us. We are delighted to support you by means of a professional affiliate marketing audit and review your setup with regard to the following factors:

  • Affiliate networks in use
  • Program performance
  • Partner portfolio and unused potentials in other publisher segments
  • Commission models and competitive comparison
  • Advertising media and landing pages in competitive comparison
  • Product and process design in competitive comparison + potential of conversion optimization
  • Utilization of program restrictions
  • Development of recommendations to increase your affiliate marketing success

Complete management of your affiliate programs.

We take on all your affiliate marketing activities for you – from setup to recruitment of new affiliates to ongoing management to payment of your partners. This means:

  • The potential and competitive analysis before starting as the basis for a competitively viable program setup
  • Selection of the suitable affiliate networks
  • Development of a competitively viable commission model
  • Cross-network tracking setup to avoid duplicates
  • Program description and terms for the affiliates
  • Definition of a suitable affiliate portfolio based on your goals
  • Ongoing scouting and acquisition of high-performance partners for your affiliate program
  • Close contact with top partners and ongoing optimization for maximum success
  • Planning and implementation of individual incentives and campaigns
  • Partner management and support in all networks in use
  • Transaction handling and performance reporting spanning the network
  • Quality and fraud control
  • Ongoing benchmarking of your program

Tracking and performance measurement

With our expertise, we support both the setup of the standard affiliate tracking offered by the networks and the development of custom solutions. Our many years of experience in the development of our own tracking solutions help us to understand your problems and develop viable solutions. Exact tracking is the basis for fair profit sharing for your publishers.

Providing our “Private Network” solution

If you are thinking about setting up a system to manage your cooperation with partners, the most efficient way is our “private network”. We provide support in you decision making and introduce you to netzeffekt’s Private Network solution. It goes without saying that you can also count on our support after the setup and to build up and manage your co-operation partners in your private network.

Finance Quality for Finance and Insurance Advertisers

For advertisers from the finance and insurance sector we recommend our in-house affiliate network, FinanceQuality. Via this industry network you have access to over 2,000 selected partner websites. By incorporating them in our comparative calculator for overnight and fix term deposits, checking accounts, loans and credit cards, and Robo-Advisor rates, we help you to gain range and transactions fast. Detailed reports create transparency and show you the successes of your partners and measures in realtime.