Digital Analytics & BI

Introducing: Your target audience.

Want to know if your brand is well accepted? How your campaign is performing? Then digital analytics are essential. By analyzing, evaluating and visualizing user data, netzeffekt gives you deep insights into the behavior of your target audience thus enabling you to tweak and optimize as you go. Through this data you learn not only about users’ surfing habits on your website but various digital touchpoints – from the first impression to the final click.

Get to know your audience, unravel the secret of ‘cause and effect’, and unleash the full potential of a constantly optimized campaign. Some call it customer intelligence. We call it netzeffekt.

I’m Tanja Messmer. Director of Digital Analytics. Say Hi!

» Get to know your audience, unravel the secret of ‘cause and effect’, and unleash the full potential of a constantly optimized campaign. «

In Detail.

netzeffekt supports you with your Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence activities. Should you already have systems in use, we perform audits to check how well your setup is in line with your individual goals. No systems whatsoever? No problem at all! We also support you with finding and defining goals as well as selecting and setting up the tools necessary for reaching them. We develop analytics and tracking concepts, followed by analyzing, interpreting and visualizing your data. With this ‘intelligence’, we’re able to provide guidance to refine your optimization.

Our effective spectrum.

Development of your individual data strategy

  • Definition of your Digital Analytics needs on basis of your business goals
  • Establish which data is relevant and necessary to measure your success
  • Expansion of the data strategy towards Business Analytics, regarding further sources of data (e.g. CRM, sales, or offline data)
  • Integration of quality data (e.g. results of online surveys)

Review your Digital Analytics setup

  • Review of the current setup
  • Check setup against your needs and goals
  • Recommendations for improving your Analytics infrastructure

Analysis and interpretation of your Digital Analytics data

  • Conception and development of analysis hypothesis
  • Definition of data needed, on basis of existing data or additional data sources
  • Continuous data analysis and interpretation
  • Recommendation on basis of data insights
  • Definition of hypothesis, development of test concepts and testing

Individual tracking concepts

  • Evaluation of the status quo and business goals
  • Definition of tracking events, goals, e-commerce funnels etc.
  • Technical tracking concept for implementation

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

  • Conception and combination of several data sources
  • Holistic KPI definition
  • Technical concept for tracking implementation
  • Conception and implementation of Dashboards or Tableau for data visualization
  • Tool-based identification of anomalies

Support with tool selection

  • Definition of use cases
  • Definition of requirement criteria
  • Communication with tool developers and arrangement of live demos
  • Recommendation of tools after evaluation of tests
  • Support with setup, implementing and testing of selected tools
  • Workshops for using tools and creation of training material