Classic Ford Mustang. In barf green.

Imagine you find your dream car. A masterpiece of automobile engineering. With high performance, yet efficient. And in flawless condition too! But it comes in barf green. Would you still buy it?

After efficient targeting, brilliant performance marketing, one factor remains: gut feeling. Just because customers see what they want too, they’re not necessarily persuaded to buy it. That’s why netzeffekt has its own department for creativity. With their eyes on data but with people also in mind, the team creates far-sighted concepts to deliver intriguing and exciting product experiences, alongside aesthetically pleasing brand communication. Rounded off by talented designers that give this complete package the perfect finish.

Creativity to us, is when it not only looks great, but it simply works.

I'm Stefan Bruckmaier. Creative Director. Say Hi!

» After efficient targeting and brilliant performance marketing, one factor remains: gut feeling. «

In Detail.

The challenges for creative departments in the dynamic digital world are complex. Communication requires that users be informed, enthused and convinced according to their current position on the user journey. Creativity must be tuned to achieve maximum relevance both visually and in terms of content. Data and know-how regarding the campaign planning / media purchasing are the basis of our ideas – user behavior, granular target groups and potential analyses help us to develop the right digital communications and content strategy.

We achieve the balance between data-based insights and empathic thinking by cooperating with all departments involved in the project: strategically with Consulting, smartly with Purchasing and perspicaciously with Business Intelligence. That way a holistic, high-performance campaign mechanism can develop in which Creativity acts as a conversion booster.

Creative work is no longer one-dimensional – thanks to personalization and testing, the efficiency of our granular creative ideas becomes quantifiable and transparent. Based on the results, we come up with the solution that is most suitable for the respective target group, regarding their position in the user journey, their surfing behavior, and their individual needs.

Despite the technological and databased ground work, empathy is an indispensable factor for creativity. The empathic approach to the user, the right tonality, content, and visual effect – whether by moving pictures, infographics, or fact-bound – are indispensable. netzeffekt combines the two worlds: the creative gut feeling and databased performance.

The result from this new smart approach of the creative department can be summarized in one sentence: inspiring creation that not only looks good but also functions. Or, as it is termed in the corridors “shit’s tight – AND it works.”

Our creative spectrum.


  • Base estimates of digital communication strategies based on different data points: what target groups are relevant? Which campaign goals need to be taken into account to optimize the digital strategy?
  • Development of comprehensive digital campaign mechanics in interaction with media purchasing
  • Determination of the personalization levels based on the user journey.
  • Output: campaign briefing as the basis of the concept.


  • Development of channel- / device-specific digital communication and campaign ideas based on strategy as well as budget and target value.
  • Accurate conception of the overall campaign mechanics
  • UX writing for specifying the onsite user guidance for individual user journeys – specifically adapted according to medium (visual and text advertising media, landing page, homepage etc.) – determination of tonality
  • Generation and prioritization of necessary content building blocks (logically structured for easy to understand brand messages – even when browsing and scanning over the content)
  • UX design of modern responsive web applications through device-specific wire frames and prototypes taking usability and interactivity into account
  • Output: prototype, UI/UX & content concept as the basis for design


  • Responsive screen design based on the UI/UX ideas taking design patters into account for barrier-free cooperation with frontend development
  • Freshen up user interfaces by means of animation and interactivity to support usability and user experience
  • Compose the defined content building blocks (text, image/graphics, moving image)- creation of emotional worlds of experience
  • Creation of ads for a wide variety of channels according to the position on the user journey (branding vs. sales orientation)
  • Creation of online style guides
  • Output: screen design, textbook, animation / interaction concept and online style guide as the basis of frontend implementation

Technical implementation

  • Generation of basic technical concepts for frontend implementation, selection of suitable CMS
  • Responsive frontend implementation of landing pages and homepages taking performance and SEO criteria into account with modern, robust frontend development / building environment (Gulp, Grunt, VUE, ES6 Symphony 2/3, Foundation)
  • CMS setup and implementation, CMS-plugin development
  • Technical implementation of HTML5 advertising material and responsive emailing templates (taking into account the client and network specifications)
  • Technical implementation of online order and application processes incl. backend development
  • Tracking and web analytics integration
  • Browser/device testing and QA


  • Development of digital personalization strategies based on user segments, user behavior and media channels (audiences, targeting, interests etc.)
  • Definition and production of the required content building blocks
  • Selection and setup of suitable testing tools
  • Setup & implementation of personalization measures and mechanics in accordance with the user reaction to advertising material, landing pages and homepages.

Testing & Optimizing

  • Development and prioritization of tests on basis of optimizing hypothesis
  • Set up of selected tools
  • Creation of content elements
  • Setting up tests, implementing landing page variations
  • Ongoing optimization on basis of test results