Data & Tracking

Digital aborigines.

A click is not expensive. But a thousand clicks? How about a million? Whoever pays for visibility in the web nowadays wants to be sure those funds are well spent. Every click has to quite literally pay off. That’s why we don’t use guesswork. We don’t wing it or hope for the best.

We make sure.

netzeffekt employs its own tracking experts. Digital natives? More like digital aborigines! Highly trained professionals who balance tech and know-how to constantly harness new information. Information that is then used to create an efficient, well-targeted optimization of your new or running campaign.

To get the moust out of every click: netzeffekt.

I'm Florian Sänger. Technical Director. Say Hi!

» Whoever pays for visibility in the web nowadays wants to be sure those funds are well spent. «

In Detail.

Comprehensive tracking and data analysis make it possible to measure and assess the value contributed by the individual measures to the overall success. This requires reliable systems and human knowhow. Our Tracking & Data Team combines these. The development of high-performance tracking systems can only work with the synergy of several disciplines. Close co-operation with the campaign teams is essential in order to obtain a profound comprehension of the requirements. That ensures that no technical development takes place without knowing the sense and purpose and the mode of operation in online marketing. Our team consists of:

  • Software Architects
  • Web and Software Developers
  • System and Database Administrators
  • Data Scientists

Our team has many years’ experience in the development of tracking systems. The topic of tracking and big data is subject to the constant changes and innovations. Therefore, we attach great importance to advanced training and certifications for our employees. Our current certifications include:

  • mongoDB Certified Developer
  • Exasol Certified Developer
  • Google Analytics IQ
  • VMWare Certified Professional
  • Cisco CCNA

Our effective spectrum.

Setup and Consulting

For setting up your online marking activities our tracking experts and campaign teams are happy to help. On the one hand this means advice regarding general tracking problems and on the other active support for setting up the campaign tracking. Thanks to the close cooperation between our campaign managers and our tracking experts constructive, practicable solutions are developed and installed so that nothing else impedes your online campaign.

Individual Solutions

If a tracking system causes problems it may be due to the specific features of your online processes or technical requirements. Here again our tracking experts usually benefit from the close cooperation with our campaign teams in order to understand the requirements quickly and to develop expedient individual solutions and implement them together with you.

Data aggregation and processing

  • Designation and deployment of data for your own evaluation (export and interfaces/ports)
  • Accumulation data from analytics, adwords, Geo-information, weather etc.
  • Data visualization / Reports / Dashboards in interaction with our Digital Analytics and BI Team