Our tools? Smashing.

A sharp tool does not make a fine tailor. But a fine tailor can do wonders with sharp tools. Since most of them we need simply don’t exist, we fashion these on our own. From tracking to hosting to optimizing, there’s a seal of quality: nfxTools. What’s proof of their superiority? We use them ourselves.

For clean, modern, and lasting measures for your brand: nfxTools is the way to go.

I'm Florian Sänger. Technical Director. Say Hi!

» Tracking to hosting to optimizing, there’s a seal for quality: nfxTools.«

Our effective spectrum.


  • Thorough campaign tracking (clicks, views, impressions, conversions, onsite etc.)
  • Campaign reporting, user journey analysis (chain analysis), attribution modelling
  • Tracking of cookies, sessions, fingerprint, and call-back
  • Tracking of white label and 1st party
  • Thorough tag management
  • Thorough rights management
  • Custom or white label features (customizability from interface to tracking core)

nfxBI / nfxData

  • Connection of various data sources, such as:
    • nfxTrack
    • Webanalytics systems
    • SEA systems (Google AdWords & Bid Management systems)
    • Affiliate networks (FinanceQuality, Affilinet, Tradedoubler)
    • AdServer AdForm
    • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)
  • Personalization tools (Adtelligence)
  • Enrich quality Data (geo information, weather data)
  • Upgrading, clustering and delivering collected data (export, API)
  • Analysis and reporting of business intelligence (Tableau Server)
  • Running data warehouse on basis of Exasol


  • Centralized lead management system
  • Fundamental CRM features for following up leads
  • Thorough rights management
  • Connection to additional interfaces possible


  • Affiliate network software
  • Basis for our own finance and insurance affiliate network FinanceQuality
  • Providing private network solutions for clients


  • „nfxOptimizer“ (multivariate testing)
  • Suitable for tests of small to mid-sized micro sites and websites
  • Evaluation in real time


All of our tools are hosted on our own netzeffekt servers (co-located at noris network AG). As we trust this platform, so can our clients. We offer clients the opportunity to host websites, online processes, or more on netzeffekt servers. Upon selecting server space, data security has top priority for us.

  • Safe hosting in Aschheim and Nürnberg (audited after BaFin 44 and KWG § 25 as safe for banks)
  • Location failover divided over 2 data centers possible, providing a hardware and application availability of >=99.95%
  • DDos mitigation – up to 500GBit/s
  • Hosting of client websites, CMS, CRM, and tracking systems
  • Data warehouse on Exasol basis (see case study)
  • Using a high performance mongoDB cluster
  • Using a highly available MariaDB cluster
  • Monitoring via Serverguard or Zabbix (client access included)