Programmatic & Social Advertising

the dynamic duo

While online marketing becomes more and more complex, two simple things that will always remain crucial for success: visibility and desirability. In order to be seen, you need ad space. Space that we acquire through “real time bidding” via AGOF Premium Publisher and platforms like YouTube and Facebook, to name but a few. And desirability? Is brought to the table by our creativity department, in-house experts for shape, color, and content. It’s those guys who take a briefing and turn it into an ad-venture.

This is the dynamic duo. And to give it a bit more punch, we up the ante by adding intelligent, data based targeting. So instead of using as much ad space as possible, we only address users who would be truly interested.

It is this combination of visibility, desirability, and smart selection, that reduces cost and keeps effort to a minimum.

I'm Dorothea Wilhelm. Head of Programmatic & Social Advertising. Say Hi!

» Accuratly targeted user communication meets creative messages. Minimized scatter loss meet reduced cost. Let's talk about programmatic and social advertising! «

In Detail.

On the one hand, Programmatic & Social Advertising are suitable as a wide coverage complement for your performance marketing activities. Equally, the shift of classic digital display bookings towards programmatic display campaigns leads to significant gains in efficiency. Enormous outreach potentials paired with substantial targeting opportunities permit the corresponding setup for any objective.

In prospecting addressing new customers has priority. Here, user profiles are addressed on the basis of interests and behavior. Using these, we’re able to evaluate user patterns and create statistical twins and thus, increase the likelihood of conversion.

Retargeting is contrary to prospecting. It is about re-addressing users who have already been in contact with platforms, campaigns or the advertisers’ products. For example, it is possible to re-address those who discontinued the purchase and motivate them to check out the product again and complete the order. If one considers the entire user journey there is a multitude of potential applications for Programmatic & Social Advertising, from first contact with potential new customers and re-addressing of regular customers, down to the systematic story telling by means of campaigns across multiple platforms.

Our effective spectrum.


Based on our experience and your specified targets we design a campaign logic for you which takes into account all relevant targeting parameters and options according to channel, device and user. In so doing, we extract the relevant platforms/placings, targeting, and communications, develop targeted campaign mechanics, and define the associated tracking logic.

  • Definition of objective/target with the client
  • Development of the campaign mechanism
  • Campaign conception (platforms / targets / budget distribution)
  • Tracking concept for data acquisition of the specified KPI
  • Determination of the required advertising materials and formats
  • Definition of any 3rd party data required incl. suppliers’ recommendations.


We implement the entire campaign concept for you, from establishing the accounts of advertising platforms to tracking test – including the campaign settings.

  • Create the necessary accounts for Facebook, Google etc. if they don’t already exist
  • Set up the tools to operate the campaign
  • Transformation of the defined target group features into targeting for the platforms used
  • Tracking concept for capturing the data of the predefined key performance indicators
  • Definition of the advertising materials and formats required
  • Definition of any 3rd party data if required, including provider/supplier recommendation.

Control and optimization

Programmatic Advertising distinguishes itself among other things by real-time campaign analysis and control. The development of test scenarios based on insights gained helps to obtain optimal campaign results.

  • Continuous efficiency reviews based on the defined KPI
  • Optimization of campaigns based on the insights gained
  • Testing with diverse advertising media, text etc.
  • Regular analysis and, if appropriate, targeting review

Measuring and reporting success

We aggregate all the campaign data collected and report regularly to you. We always provide them to you in a transparent form, prepared at the dashboarding level and at the respective relevant depth of detail.

  • Tracking the individual measures.
  • Aggregation and editing of the campaign data.
  • Detailed reports are made available at regular intervals.

Additional Services

Highly productive online campaigns require – besides well thought out campaign mechanisms, set up, and optimization – also efficient advertising media and landing pages. Furthermore, it is necessary to capture KPI by means of comprehensive tracking. We complete our performance spectrum by the close co-operation with our creative department and Data & Tracking Team.

  • Concept and implementation of advertising media and landing pages.
  • Optimization and personalization of landing- and homepages to raise your conversion rates.
  • Preparation of tracking concepts and implementation by our experts from the Data & Tracking Team.
  • Data preparation and visualization for the evaluation of complex correlations.