Good numbers. Good price.

Top Google rankings can be earned. Or simply bought. The shortcut to high visibility on the web is called Search Engine Advertisement, or SEA for short.

The difference between SEA and an organically earned positioning (SEO) is the price tag. When setting up the campaign we focus solely on one thing: Strong growth. Therefore, we select the perfect keywords to keep the cost as low as possible and maintain efficiency in the long run. A process that requires such fine touch, such vast knowledge, so that every client of ours gets their own SEA expert.

To only pay for what you actually need and for the best bang for your buck: netzeffekt.

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» The shortcut to high visibility on the web is called Search Engine Advertisement. «

In Detail.

To perfect SEA, we have to completely understand our clients’ products and services. You can’t do “a bit of SEA” but have to regard it as a holistic approach to online marketing. From integrating search engine touchpoints in the sales funnel to embedding advertising efforts in your online marketing spectrum, SEA has to be precisely woven into your strategy. In order to not only complete this task, but to master it, we trust our in-house team of experienced specialists – of which every client gets his own contact person. Why? Because we don’t see ourselves as a service provider but as partner, solving problems and reaching goals together.

Now, what makes a specialist a “specialist”? Continuous training! This is what keeps our team always a step ahead when it comes to trends, product features or updates in search engines. Knowledge that we also pass on to our clients to let them know what’s new.

The open exchange of information and transparency in communication is very important to us. This is what – in our opinion – forms trust and creates the best ideas and campaign results. But wits and experience alone doesn’t get the job done. That’s why we rely on tools like

  • Bid management systems from IntelliAd, Marin, and Kenshoo – for efficient campaigning
  • ProductsUp – for managing shopping feeds of our e-commerce clients
  • Our own nfxTrack – for analyzing SEA activities in combination with other online marketing efforts

Our effective spectrum.

SEA Audit

Aside from controlling SEA activities, we also regard ourselves as consultants. If you want to check your existing SEA efforts for efficiency, we’re happy to help you with an SEA Audit. Regardless if you manage these in-house or hired an agency for your SEA, we jump in wherever we are needed with:

  • Campaign performance und efficiency
  • Account structure and setup
  • Relevance of keywords used
  • Negative keywords
  • Ad text
  • Different bidding types

Development of SEA Strategies

  • Research of your products and services
  • Analysis of current website, landing page, infrastructure, and evaluation of suitable SEA
  • Definition of goals (together)
  • Definition of topics and keyword groups
  • Definition of suitable KPI
  • Integration of other online marketing efforts

Research and development of keywords

  • Select relevant topics and keywords
  • Categorizing keywords for intention of search (information vs. product/service)
  • Determination of keyword set

Account Setup

  • Determination of suitable account setup
  • Definition of campaign language and region
  • Determination of bid types per keyword and definition of negative keywords
  • Creating ad text
  • Setup of CPC maximum per keyword (budget control)
  • Setup of bid management software
  • Support with tracking setup

Support and continuous optimization

  • Controlling and optimizing the campaign
  • Ongoing bid management, using bid management systems
  • Ongoing reporting
  • Constant updating of the keywords set, including negative ones
  • Testing of ad text to increase click rates
  • Creating additional relevant topics to open further potential

Support with your in-house SEA efforts

  • Workshops for employees
  • Support with strategy, setup, and optimization
  • Support with the selection of tools