No applause for baloney.

If a website has all the right words, it’s on Google’s no. 1 in a flash.
Even quicker, users will leave the website if information is insufficient, incomplete, or too intricate.

netzeffekt helps make your platform more relevant, not only for website visitors but also search engine algorithms. By using innovative tools and extensive know-how, we’re able to continuously provide fresh content – such as news – and update your products and services. We penny-pinch every letter, so you don’t have to.

When your online presence is evaluated word-for-word, when every sentence counts, maybe it’s time for netzeffekt.

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» We penny-pinch every letter. So you don’t have to. «

In Detail.

Studies have shown that 99% of users don’t “turn the page” when it comes to search results. Due to the increasingly prominent placement of paid ads, organically earned rankings are pushed down. This means that the top 3 ranks of search results are more important than ever before. If a company doesn’t pay for ads or invests in top notch SEO, they become – quite literally – invisible to users.

That’s why maximizing the relevance of your website content is so important. It gives Google what it wants and helps users to find what they are looking for: you. By finding the best keywords and optimizing your website’s content, we don’t cheat or manipulate opinions. We simply enhance the user experience and thus the number of relevant website visitors. Improving your SEO means to invest in the future. Even though results are not immediately visible, their effect packs a punch – especially in efficiency over time when compared to SEA.

But make no mistake, Google isn’t the only player in the search engine game anymore. Online marketing nowadays has to optimize for basically everything that has a search bar, like YouTube and Amazon. The more companies learn about the basics and the inner workings of search engines, the easier it will become to adapt.

Our effective spectrum.

Keyword analysis

  • Research of relevant topics and keywords for your website and goals
  • Review and prioritization of keywords’ relevance and volume
  • Assign keywords to existing content

Tech Audit

  • Ensure crawlability
  • Optimization of meta data
  • Analysis, optimization and integration of Rich Snippets
  • Analysis of status codes
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Optimization of page speed
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Optimization for internal links

Information structure and content audit

  • Analysis, planning and optimization of design structure and internal links
  • Analysis of existing content for SEO compatibility
  • Checking existing content against identified, relevant topics and keywords
  • Optimization and, if necessary, improvement of content with pictures, videos, and charts.
  • Identification of additional content with SEO potential

Backlink audit

  • Evaluation of existing backlinks for quality and relevance
  • Identification of non-beneficial backlinks
  • Identification of additional, quality backlink sources
  • Creating further ways to gain additional backlinks (link earning)

SEO strategy

  • Definition of SEO goals
  • Analysis of market and potential
  • Analysis of competition on basis of rankings, backlinks, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors
  • Analysis and ongoing monitoring of website and SEO KPIs
  • Planning and perfecting the website

SEO when relaunching

  • Early planning for the relaunch in co-operation with all relevant departments
  • Definition of the status quo in regard to relevant factors like rankings, backlinks, and traffic
  • Consulting in regard to structure, content, and internal links of the new website
  • Creating a concept for forwarding ‘link juice‘ and rankings on the new website
  • SEO analysis of the new website in a test environment
  • Monitoring and controlling the relaunch after going live