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Knowledge Base.

The internet beauty queen.

Over 130 years ago, a clever perfume salesman decided to sell a hint of happiness, door to door. A simple idea that became a global business empire – “Avon Ladies“, became the most famous beauty representatives in the world. But where do they get their expertise? Now, it’s from the brand-new Avon beauty knowledge platform.

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It’s time to shine.

Avon Cosmetics was always proud of their ladies. After all, they’re the embodiment of the brand, literally bringing beauty to your doorstep. But how do you train more and more representatives without having to also hire more instructors or holding more seminars?


This is lady’s site. And it’s feelin’ right.

Instead of freshening up the established website’s make-up, netzeffekt decided to start at the foundation and created the Avon Academy + Beauty Wiki. In here, representatives can swap ideas, learn from videos and tutorials, and even get certified. Handy beauty case, digital knowledge base. It’s all a Lady needs.


Beautifully simple. And simply beautiful.

Avon Cosmetics saves resources, time, and effort and is well positioned for growth in employee numbers, with a digital solution that satisfies all the avid for learning Avon Lady’s needs simultaneously.

I love the new platform and Beauty Academy! Finally, we get the all the workshops and information we need.

AVON Beraterin, Community