Deutsche Kreditbank AG

Optimising conversions.

Next level of personal.

Back in the day, the “Deutsche Kreditbank“ was the first private bank of the GDR. And today? It‘s a direct bank with 75 billion Euros on their balance sheet. How does such a financial giant stay in touch? With an individual approach, for every single customer, every time.

Creativity / Programmatic & Social Advertising / SEA / Affiliate Marketing / Data & Tracking


A million times personal.

As versatile as the DKB’s customers are, the products have to be, too. For a bank with such strong history? Piece of pie chart! The challenging part is: connecting the right product with the right customer– 3.5 million times.


Up close.

Through fine segmentation, intelligent testing of a variety of approaches, and continuous optimising, new ads and landing pages are constantly being generated. This creates communication that is universally engaging and uniquely tailored. Thus, each individual customer only sees what is relevant to him. No more, no less.


Reduce to the max.

Increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates – while drastically reducing costs.

In our years of working together, we especially appreciate netzeffekt’s proactive approach to new, innovative marketing measures as well as their vast knowledge about marketing finance products online.

Alexander Kapst, Leiter Vertrieb – Bereich Privatkunden, Deutsche Kreditbank AG