Google Data Studio

made simple.

Visualizing numbers.

There’s a compelling reason why Google Data Studios are superior to their competition: ease of use. By enabling users to create individually tailored dashboards that show data at a glance, it becomes more than handy. It becomes intuitive. Adding further products, like Google Analytics and Tagmanager, the search engine giant shows how flexible the visualization of numbers can really be. Data – it’s that simple.

SEA / nfx Tools


Apples and oranges.

Keeping track of your website’s visitors? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! But how about tracking data for an international campaign over 15 countries? Constantly checking, updating and reporting data from touchpoints like Display, SEA, SEO, YouTube, Affiliate, and the website‘s visitors? And after collecting these vast amounts of data, transform it into an easy to understand visual?
Now that’s a tough lemon to squeeze.


Turning data into facts.

The client already used Google products. So, the logic thing to do, to turn this data into highly diagnostic and yet appealing visuals, is to use Google’s own tool: With Google Data Studio, we were able to use several interfaces to gather data and with the shortest of turn-arounds provide a custom dashboard for each client.


Hard Facts. In short.

  • Tools already in use successfully implemented
  • Collected campaign and performance data processed and visualized
  • Dynamic, user-based reporting
  • Quick and attractive visualization of data

Using Google Data Studio means to get quick, attractive, and easy to understand visualization of data we aggregated with various Google tools. Utilizing existing and processed data makes reports and dashboards perform extremely well.

Jenny Ruhland, Consultant Web Analytics, Business Intelligence bei netzeffekt