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Honor to whom honor is due.

Do you know what optoelectronic components or optoelectronic systems are? Exactly. So does no one else, and as one of the most important manufacturers of these optical sensors and detectors – with a worldwide market share of 60% and supplier of the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) –  Hamamatsu had a problem being understood and were definitely no big player on the internet. Until now.

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For little knows my royal dame…

Hamamatsu Photonics offers innovative sensors, detectors and complete optoelectronic systems worldwide. Versatile technology that can be used by a wide range of companies, especially in the fields of analytical, medical, automotive, X-ray and safety technology. But there’s only one problem, these companies don’t know Hamamatsu exists. What Hamamatsu needs is a high visibility to a targeted audience and an education program to understand the products and the benefits they have.


YEAH! We showed them alright!

It was clear to netzeffekt that search engine advertising was the right marketing tool to help Hamamatsu…but that it’s just the tip of the ice berg as well. The target group should not only discover but also understand the optoelectronic products. Therefore, netzeffekt translated all the Advertising texts and Keywords in 12 languages and targeted relevant company decision makers worldwide.


I remember. I remember everything.

With over 700 ad groups and 1,000+ international ad texts, netzeffekt generated more than 15,000 new prospects in over 50 countries – while reducing the costs per lead.

Since we’ve been working with netzeffekt, we’ve generated about 5,000 new high-quality prospects for our products. We feel the positive impact of this contribution very strongly.

Stefan Kampfrath, Digital Marketing /Hamamatsu