International conversion.

Leaving an impression.

Becoming a country-wide known company is all the more impressive if you started at zero – like ”“. But how do you top reaching the top? By expanding. Now, the company is starting at zero in several countries abroad all at once, leaving an impression.

SEA / nfx Tools


Handicapped headstart.

What’s remarkable about is that all employees, all processes, run like clockwork. But whilst the company’s experience with their products and marketing is quite impressive on paper, frankly, it fades in foreign markets. How do you overcome the language barrier? Cultural differences? And, to add even more pressure: Launch products on a turf with already well-established competitors?


Diversity united.

netzeffekt is fascinated with the fearless pioneers that are We launched a campaign with continuously running optimization. The kicker: instead of betting on translation offices for keywords and communication, we trusted our own in-house team of diverse native speakers – who not only learned the language, but lived the culture.



Increase in conversions

To the top?

netzeffekt hits the right tone: In 8 countries, the conversion rate grew by over 270%, only surpassed by the growth in revenue. And the stamp pad is far from running dry: Launches in even more countries are planned.