From Halfpipe
to baggage conveyor.

Giving modern travel its mojo back.

Venice Beach, the seventies, sun, waves, surfers and the birth of the skateboard – this is everything this part of Los Angeles stands for. During these times a unique sub culture arose, driven by a young laid back vibe and dreams.
FLOYD gives the modern traveler a bit of that laid back feeling, uses the soft wheels of skateboard as distinctive brand indicator and brings the californian lifestyle from the half pipe to the baggage conveyor.

Creative Labs


Floydified by FLOYD.

The idea to build FLOYD Travel Cases on Wheels was already conceived in 2018. Early 2019 the innovative lifestyle product was ready for market. So, how do you take the flair of skateboarding culture from Venice Beach and put it into digital communication without loosing authenticity? Answer: With an individual shop concept that feels less like a classic online store but puts the story and faces of FLOYD on center stage.


Cool. Smooth. Colorful.

Working closely with photographer Stefan Bogner, who set the scene visually for brand and luggage, we were able to implement a unique eCommerce story telling concept. A consistent brand and product story with clean design and smooth user experience. Shopify was the perfect eCommerce partner to fulfil our big ambitions without big budgets and enabled us to secure FLOYD a niche spot in a fiercly contested and competitive market.



Keep rolling!

FLOYD floydifies and transports a lifestyle – we felt that as well during our project.

netzeffekt was a central consultant from the very beginning, connecting product development, branding and marketing to translate this feeling into the digital world. By closely communicating with logistics partners in payment, shipping and inventory systems, we were able to implement a frictionless check out process.

FLOYD’s good feeling is not a marketing line but 100% real! 

Check it out: https://www.floyd.one