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Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is present in over 200 countries with more than 120,000 employees dedicated to tackling real-world mobility challenges around the globe. Based on the brand vision ‘Progress for Humanity,’ Hyundai Motor is accelerating its transformation into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. The company invests in advanced technologies such as robotics and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) to bring about revolutionary mobility solutions, while pursuing open innovation to introduce future mobility services. In pursuit of sustainable future for the world, Hyundai will continue its efforts to introduce zero emission vehicles equipped with industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and EV technologies. 

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Digital Media


Social advertising campaign "Goal of the century"

The Korean car manufacturer Hyundai is an official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Under the slogan “goal of the century” it brings its sustainability goals in connection with the FIFA World Cup. The goal of the creation was to unite humanity on the occasion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and to promote a sustainable future.

netzeffekt was responsible for the worldwide implementation of the FIFA World Cup campaign on the global Hyundai social media channels. These channels include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

The FIFA World Cup campaign is the result of an agency group constellation at Jung von Matt, managed by Jung von Matt/Sports as strategic and creative lead agency, supported by Jung von Matt/Spree, Jung von Matt/Neckar, Jung von Matt/Creators, Jung von Matt/Hangang and Jung von Matt/netzeffekt.   

Since April 2021, Jung von Matt/Spree has been responsible for the South Korean automaker’s global social media channels as the Global Digital Lead Agency for Hyundai. The social advertising budget is managed by netzeffekt. 


Campaign budget optimization and agile budget allocation as success factors in campaign planning

For its social advertising campaign during the FIFA World Cup, Hyundai focused on the brand metrics brand awareness and video views. The campaign included a 7-digit media budget. 

As the 2022 football event took place shortly before Christmas in the fundamentally more expensive fourth quarter, netzeffekt chose a 3-phase media approach with increasing budget allocation to compensate for the increasing price pressure in the 4th quarter.  

Particular challenges during the campaign were the fluctuating and increasing CPM prices of the core markets of the car manufacturer as well as ad-hoc paid media posts of the on-site event communication: 

  1. During the campaign, predefined Hyundai core markets developed significantly more expensive compared to other markets in the campaign. With the help of managed Meta Campaign Budget Optimization, the budget was nevertheless managed cost-effectively according to business prioritization. In this way, core markets were targeted, but the cost structure was kept in check. 
  2. In addition to the pre-planned campaign postings, up-to-date on-site content was also produced and published during the World Cup match phase in Qatar, linking Hyundai promotions with World Cup events. Since on-site communication always requires flexibility, netzeffekt also used an agile media approach for budget planning. With the help of various content categorizations with a specific budget, the interactions of the target groups were increased, and the planned objectives were far outperformed. 


A complete success: campaign results exceed all expectations

  • The Hyundai World Cup campaign exceeded all internally set targets  
  • YouTube and Facebook in particular surprised with cost-benefit results  
  • World champion Argentina not only achieved first place at the FIFA World Cup, but also drove the best CPM-level results in the Hyundai World Cup campaign 
  • +101% overachievement of target impressions  
  • +161% overachievement of target views  
  • 58% more favorable CPM purchase than forecast    
  • Set-up, monitoring and optimization of approx. 350 paid media assets by netzeffekt