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SocialMedia Benchmarks

Engagements for reinsurance company

Munich Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies with more than 11,000 employees at over 50 locations around the globe. We are working on topics today that will concern the whole of society tomorrow, whether that be climate change, major construction projects, gene technology or space travel.

Kreation / Digital Media


Not every platform is suitable

Different social media platforms attract different target groups, which makes a differentiated textual approach inevitable. What can a B2B company do, to evaluate its activities on social media? Which content is relevant for customers? Which topics are also interesting for average consumers or potential employees? Together with netzeffekt, Munich Re developed an approach to evaluate it’s social media strategy.


Evaluate the quality of content

In order to plan and organize social media content, Munich Re uses the content marketing analytics software Percolate. The campaign data coming from Percolate was evaluated, in order to identify relevant topics for different audiences. Finally, quality indicators for future campaigns were determined.


Quality, that is sustainable

Promising campaign content was identified and developed by analyzing and determining comparative values and target values of user involvement. The amount and size of posts on Twitter and LinkedIn was reduced while the engagement of users increased, which led to enhanced efficiency. For Facebook, valuation standards were redefined and adjusted, so that user involvement can now be better displayed. By addressing different target groups with differentiated, specific content, social media platforms showed a better performance: With less but very focused posts, more users were reached while more interaction was generated.