For more than 75 years, the Schaeffler Group has been a driving force pioneering inventions and developments in the field of motion technology. With innovative technologies, products, and services in the fields of electromobility, CO₂-efficient drives, chassis solutions, Industry 4.0, digitalization, and renewable energies, the company is a reliable partner for making motion more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable – throughout the entire life cycle.




With a pioneering spirit into the future: cage-guided needle roller bearing, diaphragm spring clutch, ball mill – three pioneering achievements that shape mobility and motion. Schaeffler AG wants to create a working environment that recognizes and values the uniqueness of its employees. Schaeffler AG stands for mutual respect, lives diversity, and promotes an inclusive culture. Schaeffler AG wants to actively communicate these values to the outside world and thus position itself in the job market among trainees and students.


Pioneers Wanted: Innovative Employer Branding Videos

Eight short form videos were designed and produced for the employer branding campaign “Pioneers Wanted” in order to arouse interest among trainees and students for Schaeffler AG and to generate applications. Schaeffler x netzeffekt x JvM HAMBURG cooperated together to implement.


These videos were distributed on TikTok, both organically and paid.
The social paid campaign was managed by netzeffekt GmbH.


The campaign goal was to generate website traffic in order to attract as many users as possible to the Schaeffler AG career website.



The campaign was played out in two flights and ran from mid-September to the end of October 2022 and from January to the end of February 2023. The timing was chosen to match the end of both school and university semesters. The campaign had a total duration of 4 months.


The campaign was played out to trainees and students in Germany who are looking for a new job. By using keywords, interests and hashtags relevant to the target group, it could be targeted very precisely.


Additionally, assets were used, that fit the target groups. This was also central to the campaign performance: the campaign included four creatives that focused on different areas of the job postings.

The employer branding campaign generated a reach of 571,761 and over four million video views at a very cost-efficient CPV of 0.001€. netzeffekt GmbH was able to exceed the target values by +123%.

  • 4.079.649 Video Views
  • 92,64 % VTR
  • 0,001 € CPV
  • 26.801 Clicks
  • 0,61 % CTR
  • 0,29 € CPC

Schaeffler X TIKTOK - Campaign KPI's

Using TikTok, we were able to achieve a modern and effective approach to a young target group. We use creative videos to present our corporate culture and build a genuine, authentic and enthusiastic connection with young talent and sustainably strengthen the Schaeffler employer brand.

Simone Frieß, Specialist Global Apprenticeship
Schaeffler Academy – Global Apprenticeship Development

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